ITOROZ – 200

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Composition : Itraconazole 200 mg
  • Tinea Cruris / Tinea Pedis
  • Tinea Capitis / Tinea Versicolor
  • Vaginal Candidiasis
  • Oesophageal Candidiasis
  • Onychomycosis
  • Oropharyngeal Candidiasis

Better than Fluconazole

Itraconazole is more effective than fluconazole for long-term prophylaxis of invasive fungal infections after allogeneic hematopoietic stem-cell transplantation.

Better than Griseofulvin

Griseofulvin is not effective in candidiasis, has irregular absorption and its need for long duration of therapy makes it ineffective.

Better than Ketoconazole

More active than Ketoconazole as it has no risk for hepatotoxicity, along with its potential for drug interactions, limits its use.

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1x10x10 CAP

1 review for ITOROZ – 200

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    Composition : Itraconazole 200 mg

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